Visiting Teesside university


So I’m at that lovely stage in my life where I’m applying for university. Teesside invited me down to Middlesbrough for an interview and to get a feel of the campus. Aside from some ridiculously stressful travelling, the campus seemed nice.

The facilities were up-to-date, the tutors all seemed lovely and had already worked many years within the industry (although they kept boasting about one having worked at the News of the World and giving the ongoing trial, not sure that was a bragging point). The SU looked nice and even had a careers centre to help you find a job to fit in around studies, which is always a plus.

But the thing about visiting universities is you soon realise where you could feel comfortable. And I’m not really sure Teesside was it for me.

Sure they have a 20 per cent above average graduate employment rate, good connections with the media industry including television and radio – but the campus? It just didn’t feel right for me.

And yes, it’s probably the worst possible way to pick a university – especially one that I’ll only be studying at for a year – but this kind of gut instinct is something I’ve sadly always worked on.

With a rejection from Kent (apparently they don’t allow entries too anything but first year) and a conditional from Sunderland, I only have two universities to hear back from: Glasgow Caledonian and Stirling.

I’m visiting Sunderland at the end of next month so hopefully things will be a little better during that visit.


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