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The traumatic train travel

So I mentioned earlier I went to Teesside university in Middlesbrough for an interview. But due to living in Fife, this was a three and a half hour journey. Fun!
Not even close.
It started with me almost missing my bus, which arrived five minutes early. So running I think as fast as I had ever moved before, I had to cut through the houses to beat the bus two bus stops down.
I actually managed to catch it although felt like my lungs were collapsing.

The train to Edinburgh went okay, no real complaints.
Then Edinburgh to Darlington.
I was sat next to a girl probably about my age, who spent most of the journey on her phone.
Breaking up with her boyfriend.
That’s always a fun conversation to overhear! You can imagine my horror when at one point, she started crying. I’m British, I can’t handle that sort of thing.
So eventually the seat across the aisle emptied up, and I rapidly took it over. Once I’d moved the girl actually said “Hold on I can talk normally, she’s moved.” Rude much?
So the interview went fine and the University said they would offer me a place, so that was all good.
However, they also told me in the email it could last up until 5pm. So my train home was booked for 6:45pm thinking that would give me enough time to grab something quick to eat. My interview and campus tour? Over by 2:30!
Only five hours to kill in Middlesbrough then…
So after trailing countless shops and freezing in the sudden weather drop, I was soon to be on my way home – good thing too as my phone only had 7 percent battery left, and I needed. To let my Dad know when to pick me up from the train station.
Baring in mind the short battery life of phones nowadays when I booked my train tickets, I made sure I had a window seat with a plug point.
So imagine my frustration when I get to my seat and some teenage girl is sprawled out in it. My reserved seat. And she’s in it.
Rage doesn’t even cover how I felt.
Of course the seat next to her was unreserved, so I took that.
Sitting silently fuming as she clipped and unclipped her phone case off and on, I was at breaking point. I had been awake for 14 hours having gotten up at 5am and still had over three hours worth of journey to make.
I lasted ten minuets before picking my bag up and finding else where to sit.
After the trauma of the girl breaking up with her boyfriend, I couldn’t handle sitting next to someone else equally as frustrating.
Luckily, being that late at night, I soon found an empty seat. In the quiet coach. It’s all I could have wanted, really.
So my phone charged and I got home okay.
The moral of the story? Never attempt that journey in one day again.


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