Terrible at keeping up to date plus days of happiness

So my first attempt at this was a failure beyond words. Revisiting old memories is fun for a bit, but eventually you’ve got to stop living in the past.
So here I am, first time having moved away from home at the not-so-tender age of 24, about to attend my first university class.

The aforementioned travels were a big factor in my starting university so late. That and I was genuinely unsure what to study and with the crazy debts that students now accumulate I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision before committing to it.

So my first class is at 2pm (on a Monday, that’s pretty decent) and I am updating this with my Freshers week adventures.

I caught Freshers flu almost right off the bat. I guess the stress of moving didn’t co-inside too well with being around hundreds of new people. Still trying to shake it after a week. My flat is nice – both people and physical. I have this sort of sky light thing, which now that the blinds work and I’m not being woken by the sun at 7am every morning, is nice.

Because of the Scottish independence referendum I went home on Thursday. Worst mistake ever. Come Friday morning, I was struggling to compose myself enough to come back. It was worse than leaving the first time. I think probably because I knew I wouldn’t be home again till Christmas.

But luckily I seemed to have won the flatmate lottery and they’re all super nice and supportive so that made it easier.

Highlights of the week? Silent disco. It was just so good! Also I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy so that’s always a plus.


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