Disneyland Paris June 8th

So my Disney trip was five days long, from the 8th – 12th of June. It’s the first time I’ve been back to DLP in 10 years, so you can imagine how excited I was! With it being over a month since we were there, I want to relive and capture the memories, so thought I’d recap the trip here!

It started by having to leave a flat in London at 3:45am to get to Gatwick in time for the 9am flight. 5 hours seems crazy but that’s just how long it took us to get from one side of London to the other at that time in the morning!

We had the usual airport breakfast, as we knew we wouldn’t be at the hotel before 1pm.
The flight was quick and painless and we arrived at CDG by 10:30am. We then had to wait at the big check-in board for two friends who were on a different flight from Edinburgh, before buying tickets for the train to Disney. We debated the shuttle bus, but with only 10 mins on the train and an hour and a half on the bus, we chose the former. However due to the sporadic nature of the trains, part of me thought we would’ve been better with the bus (as the journey back to the airport confirmed). The train was 17.50 Euros and busy as heck! We stood the whole journey, but it was only 10 minutes so not as bad as it could’ve been.
We finally arrived at Disney and got on the park shuttle bus to Cheyenne, where we were staying.
Cheyenne was busy – crazy busy! We had to wait over an hour to get checked in, and it was so hot in Disney – not that I’m complaining, the weather was perfect all week. We were checked in to the Sundance building – number 10. The furthest away from the main facilities you could get, but also the closest to the park, so it wasn’t all bad. We quickly dumped our cases in the room and headed towards the park, not wanting to waste a minute.
After a short walk along the river, we got into Disney Village and headed for Annette’s Diner – one of my favourite food places in the park. I just got a cheeseburger, which was more than enough for me! Talk about massive portions! Our server was so friendly and funny and everything you’d expect from service at Disney.
We finally finished and walked over to the main park.
It’s truly a magical moment when you walk through the tunnel and it opens up onto Main Street. After months of planning and reading tips and advice I was finally there! It was probably helped by there not being a single cloud in the sky!

Disneyland Paris Main Street Gazebo
Disneyland Paris Main Street Gazebo

We took the obligatory “in front of the castle” photos before checking out some ride times – the app is amazing for that. You don’t have to wander into each area to find out ride times.

Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle
Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle

PotC was only sitting at 15 minutes, so we headed over there first – mostly to be out of the sun, which was 29c and was burning our poor Scottish skin!
This is one of the few rides I have vivid memories of being on from the first trip 10 years before, so making this the first one we went on was something special.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean

After that, we headed along to Buzz Lightyear which was also around 15 minutes. I think I came third, which was probably a terrible score!
After we came out, we realised all the ropes had been set up for the parade, so we found an empty spot and sat down to watch that.
We were getting a bit hungry but not enough for a full on sit down meal, so we went back to the Village to check out Earl of Sandwiches.Apart from having amazing air con and free wifi, the food was really good! Reasonably priced and a good pick me up. Plus upstairs has some amazing views of the lake.
After a bit of a rest, we headed back into the park and did a loop of Adventure Land and Frontier Land.

Colonel Hathi’s Restaurant
Big Thunder Mountain

But after having been up since 3am, we were all pretty exhausted, so headed back to the hotel around 9pm to get a god night sleep before day 2’s adventures.


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