Disneyland Paris June 9th

Another early start as our breakfast time was between 8-9am. The Chuck Wagon was packed! We had to queue for 20 minutes just to be let into the room. After that, we had to find a table way in the back – complete with dive bombing birds in the rafters.
It wasn’t too bad though – plenty of breakfast still to go round. I discovered I was in love with whatever the honey cereal balls were, and you can’t go wrong with Nutella in a croissant.

The original plan was to get over to Disney Studios early to get into Crushes Coaster, but the queue at breakfast held us back quite a bit. So we decided to take a leisurely walk along the river instead to the Studios.
The queue wasn’t too bad to get in – less than 15 minutes, getting us into the park for 10:30 – but there was already a 70 minute queue for Crush, so decided to make use of Fast Pass for Ratatouille.
It was another sun splitting the sky day, although still quite a chilly wind.

The area around Ratatouille is absolutely beautiful. You can tell how much planning went into this area, really making it stand out from quite a lot of the rest of the two parks.
Even though it was still quite early, the Fast Pass allowance for the ride was going quick – they were already on 1:30-2pm. By 12pm all the allocations were gone. If you plan on Fast Passing this, I’d get there early.
After realising all the wait times were quite long, we decided to check out the Stunt Show Spectacular, which was about to start letting people in.
Even though it was a warm day, the wind was high and cold and by the end of the hour, I was shivering.
The show, of course, was amazing. My heart was in my throat at some points, even though I knew they had done these stunts a hundred times before.

However, the cold was rather distracting during the set up between stunts.
After that it was time for Rock ‘N Rollercoaster – probably one of my favourites in the park. There’s something about the combination of music and the in the dark ride that just makes it hard to top for me – that, and the 15 minute queue times!
After this, we headed round the shops in the Studio 1. You quickly realise how much of the merchandise is repeated around the parks, which is a shame. I still think it would be better to have exclusive things in each areas.
After that, we headed for the Studio Tram Tour. Knowing now that they are doing a massive overhaul in the coming years, I’m quite glad. While the first attraction on the tour was amazing (the water one), the others were quite lacklustre.
This was followed by a rather disappointing Armageddon : les Effets Spéciaux. If any of the rides need a major overhaul, it would be this one.
We then decided to hit up Toy Story Land and possibly the second scariest ride in the park – the RC Racer. I can do fast roller coasters with all the works – but I really hate heights. When you’re on a roller coaster you don’t notice the initial hight so much – you did on Racer. I was petrified and had my eyes shut for pretty much all of it, praying for death. But I survived to tell the tale.
After we queued for what seemed an age for the Slinky Spinner, which was probably not worth it, but after the previous ride it was nice to settle my stomach.
By now it was around 4pm and we headed back into the main park, to take advantage of the short queues in the park – presumably with most people away for early dinner.
We walked on to Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, which was enjoyable, even if it was for kids.

After, we took a walk around the  Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, which I have to admit, was much bigger than it looked!

Although it was pretty empty, so felt like a good escape from the busy park. The leaping water is my favourite part of the maze. Although the views from the top of the tower were amazing!

Next up was the classic It’s a Small World! No trip to any Disney park would be compete without a spin on this ride. I’m anxious about the colour update – those pastels are what make IaSM classic.
I got a couple of postcards to send home, from the shop next to the City Hall from a lovely CM who asked did I need stamps before I could ask for them.
By now it was around 6pm and we decided it was time for dinner. We went to the Rainforest Cafe as my friend really wanted to eat here.
Inside was nice, if not a little dated. We were sat by the massive aquarium in the back. That was where the fun ended. The server didn’t listen to our order and brought the wrong drinks out. When the meals came out, we had all asked for medium steaks bar one. However, two were well done and two were medium. Not that you’d know as all the streaks were tough and more like what we’d call grill steaks than actual steak. But the desert was good, so it wasn’t a total loss.
After that, two out of four wanted to go back to the hotel to freshen up, and to rest their feet. So I went with another friend back into the main park to take a few more photos.
We also went on the Dumbo ride. My friend couldn’t remember the story so I was explaining it to him in the queue. There’s something about Dumbo that is heartbreaking – when he’s separated from his mother. I always get sad at that part and want to go hug my mum.
But we got on the ride and managed a mid-flight selfie with the castle – and also managed to break the ride! After we took the flyer to the very top, the control stick stopped working and we couldn’t adjust the height for the rest of the ride! Luckily when it finished, we came back down with everyone else.
We met back up with friends and decided to take advantage of the almost non-existent queues of Indiana Jones. I think we only waited five minutes at most.
After that, we looped back round to the castle and decided to just sit and wait for the fireworks. Sometimes the best part of Disney is just enjoying the park.
I know they’ve banned selfie sticks now, but I have to admit, I had much less frustration with them than I did people holding up iPads to take photos / videos. They block out the entire view behind them, and I was getting really frustrated with them during the fireworks. There is just no need for them.
But the firework show was outstanding – as you’d expect. I purposely didn’t watch any videos of the show before going so it would all be a surprise and man was it worth it!

After that we headed back to the hotel, getting in just before 12am. It was a long day, with another early start and we all passed out almost instantly.


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