Moving to Australia

As my 30th birthday edges closer, I have planned to do what countless university graduates do aged 21 – take a year out Down Under.

I always had vague plans – after college, after university, after I was made redundant – but never followed through with them.

However, it has dawned on me that it is very much so now or never.

So I have provisional plans for January 2018, depending on how fast I can save.

Flights are no doubt the biggest cost – the cheapest I’ve seen from the UK are £500 one way. A pretty penny!

The I would have to factor in at least three (recommended) weeks in a hostel (£350), at least two months living costs on the assumption that I don’t get a job right away, as well as deposit for rent.

All in all, I would estimate at least £3000 (AUD $5200).

Theoretically this shouldn’t be a problem if my freelance work holds up. Theoretically.

I have also to decide on a place to live. But since many Scots seem to settle in Melbourne, it looks like I may follow in their footsteps.

The climate doesn’t appear drastically different from here and I’m informed they’re comparatively lax in horrifyingly large spiders.

Right now, starting at the very beginning, it feels very overwhelming. Only eight months until my proposed leaving date. And I’ve done nothing other than…well write this blog is the first solid thing.

Have you taken a working holiday visa in Australia before? Any tips or advice, hit me up in the comments. (It is very much appreciated).


One thought on “Moving to Australia

  1. We’ve see a few other bloggers moving around Australia as well. And as you know it is a little pricey in the cities. But there is so much to do and places to go. Have you an idea where to start from?

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